Mario Arriagada Cuadriello

Editor, Revista nexos & Ex-Director for national security, Ministry of transport and communications, Mexico

Mario Arriagada Cuadriello has worked on security, governance and human rights for almost twenty years. After the Mexican Zapatista insurgency of 1994 he worked on peace initiatives and was involved in the talks between rebels and government officials. These talks were mediated by the local catholic diocese and by human rights organizations - he worked alongside both. Mario studied International Relations and attended postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics. He has been a Ford Foundation Scholar and a H. F. Guggenheim Foundation Scholar. His research has ranged from enquiring on the conditions for social stability in multi-gang environments in Mexico, to the workings of catholic transnational aid networks in east Africa and Central America.

He has previously worked in the Mexican civil service for several years. His last position was director for national security at the ministry of transport and communications. In this position he worked on the design and implementation of policy solutions for security in telecommunications, roads, ports and airports. He also served as the official liaison officer for Mexican-American cooperation in the Merida Initiative (an unprecedented partnership to fight organized crime and associated violence while furthering respect for human rights and the rule of law). He has been a senior consultant for LPD Risk Management on business and human rights, especially for the extractive industries. Mario lives in Mexico City where he writes for leading current affairs magazine Nexos, and an array of other publications; he also regularly participates in local radio and TV. Mario has recently edited the book El fin de un sueño secular. Religión y relaciones internacionales en el cambio de siglo, El Colegio de México, (2013).