Liam Morrissey

Chief Executive Officer, MS Risk Limited

Liam Morrissey attended Canada’s prestigious St. Andrew’s College and upon graduation he commissioned into the Canadian Forces in 1987. He served as a combat arms officer and held command and staff roles of increasing responsibility releasing early as a Major. He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration for Meritous Service. He entered the private security sector in the late 1990s in support of international exploration and mining companies, working primarily in fragile conflict zones across Franco-phone and Anglo-phone Africa. He created security programs and implemented crisis management systems to mitigate instances of employee kidnap, commercial extortion and evacuation methodologies, while protecting commercial operations and investments.

Appointed Head of Risk Management and Security in the international division of the UK retail giant Tesco plc in 2000, Liam managed that business through a series of sustained bombing campaigns in Northern Ireland and Thailand. He adapted security processes across Tesco’s Asia, Central Europe and Middle East interests. He led international investigations into malicious product tamper and contamination, working transnationally in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, food producers and supply chain organisations. He also successfully managed the effects of protection rackets, cargo hijackings, sectarian violence, employee murder and kidnap situations. He went on to develop country evacuation and other crisis response programs for all operating countries. He championed the introduction of the ECR Shrink Management Model proving the concept of utilising the loss prevention and security business function as a corporate profit centre funded through reductions in unknown stock loss and variance.

Upon leaving Tesco in 2005, Liam formed a security risk consulting practice that was quickly taken over by a London AIM listed professional services company in 2006. Liam led the development of this amalgamated business unit to a $10M international investigations and security consultancy within 4 years working directly to counter specialty risk threats around the world. He left to form MS Risk Limited in 2011 with partners in the oil & gas, legal and banking sectors and he is the Chief Executive Officer. MS Risk is established as specialist advisors to numerous Lloyd’s of London insurance syndicates covering specialty risk events: extortion, malicious product tamper, illegal detention, kidnap for ransom and hijacking. We serve clients in many sectors including energy, mining, hospitality, retail, transportation, engineering, insurance, legal and financial services. This work is across the entire spectrum of activity including pre-event mitigation and post event dynamics at strategic, operational and tactical levels of enterprise with a strong focus on emerging marketplaces.